Local Education Leadership For the 21st Century

The Delaware School Boards Association is a voluntary, non-profit organization of school boards which seeks to further public education and assist board members in carrying out their responsibilities.  Founded in 1946, DSBA’s current membership consists of 15 local school boards of education and the State Board of Education which, together, represent 96 school board members throughout Delaware.

Among its basic goals, DSBA is dedicated to advancing the quality of Delaware’s public schools, promoting efficient and effective administration of those schools and strengthening the tradition of local citizen control through the establishment of education policy by elected and appointed school board members directly accountable to the communities they serve.

DSBA  is a member of the National School Boards Association which represents approximately 80,000 of the nations school board members, which in turn, represents more than 97% of all public school children in the United States.  The DSBA maintains an office in Dover which is staffed by an Executive Director and an Executive Secretary.

DSBA offers their members:

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